Special Cuvée Project

Invitation to participate in the VitiNord Special Cuvée Project

The nonprofit Cold Climate Wine Alliance invites wineries across the cold climate regions of the U.S., Canada, and Europe to participate in the VitiNord Special Cuvée Project. The main goal of the project is to raise funds to support the next VitiNord cold climate wine and grape conference which will be held in Europe, 2025. The project also aims to call national attention to the high quality of sparkling wines produced in our cold climate regions.

Participating wineries will be licensed to use the VitiNord name on their label for this special edition VitiNord cuvée. In return, wineries will make a small contribution to VitiNord, per bottle sold. All proceeds will go to sponsoring the VitiNord 2025 conference.

We would like to keep the rules of the project simple:

• 100% cold climate (non-vinifera) grapes.
• Collaborations with two or more wineries contributing to the cuvee are encouraged, but not required.
• Production quantity, label design, and pricing are entirely up to each participating winery.
• In order to provide contributions in time to impact VitiNord 2025, sales of the special cuvee wines will have to begin no later than 4th quarter of 2024.

One of the challenges of hosting these international VitiNord conferences is funding. In the 16 years we have been sponsoring VitiNord conferences, we have always sought to keep the cost of attending VitiNord very affordable. To do that, we have to seek other sources of funding in addition to conference attendee fees. Your participation in the VitiNord Special Cuvée Project will make that possible.

The Cold Climate Wine Alliance is a new nonprofit organization registered in Minnesota. Its mission is to extend the production of grapes and wine into the world’s cold and cool climates by means of:

• Increasing market awareness and promotion of cold climate wines and providing consumer education about their unique qualities;
• Bringing together researchers, grape growers, and winemakers every three years at the VitiNord conference to share knowledge, techniques, and experiences of cold climate viticulture and winemaking.

For more information on the Cold Climate Wine Alliance and the VitiNord Special Cuvée Project and to express your interest in participating, please contact us at specialcuvee@vitinord.org

For all media inquiries please contact: specialcuvee@vitinord.org

Instagram: @vitinord
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vitinord2022/